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Anthony Edwards Gave His All-Time Starting 5, Which Obviously Includes Himself

America’s favorite Minnesota Timberwolf has once again graced us with a wonderful soundbite. Anthony Edwards was approached at the premiere for the new Adam Sandler movie Hustle and got asked who he would place in his all-time starting 5.

The Ant Man selected a formidable four-man group in Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Shaq. But the group needed one last supernatural player to bring the group together, so of course, Edwards chose himself.

The genius to Edwards’ answer does not lie in the collection of talent he chose. No, Edwards understands the key to an all-time starting 5 is vibes. A team with Anthony Edwards and Shaq will never have down day. Sure, they are two of the most gifted athletes to ever walk the earth, but when you carry the pressure of being an all-time starting 5, you need a little live, laugh, love. Ant Man could have picked Michael Jordan over himself, but MJ would have ruined the vibe. An all-time starting 5 is no place for a competitive maniac who will want to push everyone to the edge. You don’t want Kevin Durant tweeting about MJ’s practice behavior or LeBron inventing new emojis to describe it.

As always, Edwards understood the assignment and his unfettered confidence produced a bit of wisdom.