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The Game Gives A Fan $500 For Eating A Bag Of Insects

On the latest episode of The Game‘s social media series, Anything For The Game, the Compton rapper meets a fan named Angel in a parking lot. In a clip shared to TikTok, Game takes a selfie with Angel, before offering him $500 to complete a rather bizarre challenge.

The two enter a pet store, where Game gets a bag of crickets. He then asks Angel, “How much would you eat some crickets for?”

He offers Angel $500, to which he replies to Game, “How many do I have to eat?”

Game then says, “All of them.”

Angel complies, eating all of the crickets without hesitation.

Elsewhere in the video, Game spots another customer in the store looking at goldfish. He then asks the customer if he’s ever eaten a goldfish, to which he responds that he hasn’t.

“What if I gave you 500 bucks, would you eat one?” Game asks.

The man agrees to the challenge, adding that he’s eaten fish heart before.

He successfully swallows the goldfish after several attempts.

Last month, The Game released his 30-track album, Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind. In an interview with Billboard, Game revealed that producer Hit-Boy motivated him to hit the studio and make music.

“I don’t do no rapper stuff,” Game said, “but everything that I am and everything that I got going on now … rapping the way that I’m rapping, it’s all because of him.”