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Ted Cruz, Who Fled Texas For Cancun During A Freeze, Blasted Gavin Newsom For Wearing Fleece In ‘Cool Air Conditioning’ During A California Heat Wave

Ted Cruz is tired of the Democrats and their hypocrisy. On Wednesday, the Texas senator appeared on Fox News, where he unloaded on Jesse Watters about California governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to ban gas-powered cars — then took it one step further when he mocked Newsom for utilizing the luxury of air conditioning during a heat wave.

“I love that Gavin Newsom was wearing his fleece, obviously in cool air conditioning, saying ‘Let them eat cake. Let them sweat. You don’t get air conditioning,’” Cruz snarled. “It’s like John Kerry, who flies his private jet all over the planet lecturing people that ‘You poor, gritty working-class with dirt under your fingernails — you need to go without an automobile. You need to turn your air conditioner off. In fact, you need to just stay home and eat worms.’”

(We wonder what all the slacker baristas are thinking?)

If Cruz had any self-awareness, one might think he was actually trolling himself. As it was hard for anyone listening to him to not think back to that time, in early 2021, when “Cancun” Ted earned his nickname by quietly jetting off to Mexico with his family while millions of his constituents — devastated by the deadly combo of a powerful ice storm and a crappy power grid — were literally freezing to death. Cruz, of course, attempted to laugh his gross insensitivity off. But the people he serves weren’t amused, nor was his poodle Snowflake, who the Cruzes he left behind.