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Xdinary Heroes Encourages You To Get A ‘Hair Cut’ To Get Rid Of Bad Thoughts In New Music Video

There’s something going on at JYP Nation where all of its artists have made some type of whimsical reference to a circus of some sort. First it was NMIXX with “DICE,” then it was the recent announcement of ITZY with their forthcoming EP CHESHIRE, now it’s Xdinary Heroes with “Hair Cut.”

The JYP rock band makes their first comeback with “Hair Cut” today (November 11) following their debut over the summer with “Happy Death Day.” The new lead single is a metaphorical rock anthem that delivers a message of encouragement to cut out the bad thoughts in your head by getting a hair cut — “Cut it out, slicе them all / Throw it out, let it all out / Time to let it go / Time to let it blow / All that is rotten, cut it out.”

The single comes off of the band’s second EP Overload consisting of seven tracks. According to a press release, the EP is a new chapter in the band’s lore where “the members are shown as incomplete heroes who are still unstable and insecure to embrace the popular adage ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ In the process of transitioning to a new world, the members get intoxicated with daze, and claim their heroism under the name of madness.”

Check out the full tracklist to Overload below.

1. “Zzz…”
2. “Hair Cut”
4. “Crack in the mirror”
5. “Ghost”
6. “X-MAS”
7. “Hair Cut.”