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LSU Star Harold Perkins Had The Flu And Responded To A Comparison To MJ By Asking ‘Who’s MJ?’

One of the most dominant college football players in all of America is a true freshman. LSU linebacker Harold Perkins Jr., the No. 8 player in the nation in the class of 2022 according to his 247Sports’ Composite rating, has burst onto the scene recently and turned in one of the best performances we’ve seen out of any player this season during the Tigers’ 13-10 win over Arkansas on Saturday afternoon.

By the time the game ended, Perkins had eight tackles (four of which were for loss) and four sacks. There were also a pair of forced fumbles, including one as the Razorbacks were trying to drive down the field that secured a win for the No. 7 team in America.

He is very, very, very good at football despite being a teenager who is just starting his collegiate career. Anyway, the whole “being a teenager” thing reared its ugly head for those of us who are washed on Saturday, as Perkins played the game despite suffering from the flu and puking prior to kick. LSU coach Brian Kelly referenced the obvious — Michael Jordan’s famous Flu Game in the 1997 NBA Finals — but made the mistake of calling him MJ.

In response, Perkins asked Kelly who, exactly, is MJ.

I am operating under the assumption that if Kelly said “Michael Jordan” instead of “MJ,” Perkins would know who his coach meant.