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Seth Meyers Doesn’t Know Which ‘A**hole Will Out-A**hole The Other A**hole’ When Trump And DeSantis Face Off, But He’s Excited To Watch Them Destroy One Another

If ever there was an appropriate time to whip out that Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF you’ve got saved on your phone, it might be now. With Donald Trump prematurely announcing his intentions to try and outrun any federal indictments run for president in 2024 earlier this week, all eyes have now turned to Florida governor Ron DeSantis — who, after handing his gubernatorial opponent’s ass to him during last week’s midterms, is slowly but surely winning over many of his fellow Republicans who believe they may have found their new golden boy. Of course, as Seth Meyers reminded viewers, it’s worth remembering that Trump and DeSantis are BOTH total a**holes — and he can’t wait to watch them tear each other apart.

On Thursday night, the Late Night host noted that the historically disappointing midterms results are still all the GOP can talk about, and many are blaming MAGA candidates and election deniers, a.k.a. Trump’s “handpicked clown car of doinks and bozos,” for the humiliating defeat.

“Trump is such a proven loser, and his effects on the midterms were so toxic, Republicans across the spectrum — from moderates to his most ardent supporters — were urging him to delay his presidential announcement,” Meyers explained. But Trump, of course, refused to listen to anyone. Which means that we’re now about to be sucked back into the misery of what so many of us felt between 2016 and 2020, when Trump chewed up every news cycle.

Though it might be good for late-night monologue fodder, Meyers doesn’t seem to care: “No! Shut up! F**k! You don’t get to do this,” he yelled at a clip of Trump announcing his candidacy. “You don’t get to start campaigning two years before the next election, one week after the last election, and three months before what I’m assuming is one solitary old woman counting the votes in Maricopa County.”

As pissed off as he is, however, Meyers did allow that there is one good thing that could come out of Trump (yawn!) yet again running for president: watching Trump and DeSantis — who recently trafficked a plane full of Venezuelan migrants as a JOKE and who Meyers says “is like if a mailbox could be racist” — try their best to paint the other guy as the worst human being.

“I have no idea which of these a**holes will out-a**hole the other a**hole and win,” says Meyers, “but it will certainly be interesting to watch them destroy each other.”

You can watch the full segment above.