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Trevor Noah Is Really F***ing Tired Of Watching Trump Play The Victim: ‘If Trump Was The Prince In A Fairy Tale, The Movie Would Suck And The Princess Would Never Get Saved’

With just a few weeks to go until Trevor Noah sits behind The Daily Show desk for the final time, he may have officially run out of f**ks to give — which is a glorious thing to behold. Case in point: His annoyance with Donald “Woe Is Me” Trump, and the former president’s penchant for playing the victim.

While announcing his intention to run for president (again!) in 2024 in the most boring way possible, Trump — who spoke as if his presumed Adderall prescription hadn’t been renewed — declared that “we must conduct a top to bottom overhaul to clean out the festering rot and corruption of Washington, DC” (which sounds like a line he might have stolen from his personal doctor just ahead of his most recent colonoscopy). The twice-impeached former POTUS then went on to whine that he, too, has been a victim of the evil machinations of America’s political machine. Noah wasn’t buying it.

“‘That’s right folks, I’m the biggest victim of all,’” The Daily Show host said in his best Trump voice. “‘Every time I do something illegal, they come after me. I’ve done 30 illegal things — they’ve come after me at least 20 times! It’s so unfair. So unfair.’”

But for all the BS that Trump was spewing, Noah admitted that he was “actually glad he’s being honest about why he’s running. He’s running for the same reason every shirtless guy on Cops runs: The popo is chasing him! This is what Trump does. He’s always the victim. The poor billionaire who only owns 15 golf courses and got to run the world’s most powerful country for four years. Oh, woe is me!”

Ultimately, concluded Noah, “If Trump was a prince in a fairy tale, the movie would suck and the princess would never get saved. The dwarves would be like, ‘Please, we need you to save Snow White!’ And he’d be like, ‘Who’s gonna save ME?’”

You can watch the full segment, Trump impersonations and all, beginning around the 2:25 mark.