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Stephen A Smith Couldn’t Stop Laughing At A Mad Dog Rant About Odell Beckham Jr Getting Removed From A Plane

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo went onto First Take on Wednesday morning, presenting the latest opportunity for him and Stephen A. Smith to yell at each other about stuff. And folks, we got a doozy this time around, as Mad Dog went on a rant about Odell Beckham Jr. getting removed from an airplane — which happened over the weekend before a flight from Miami to Los Angeles took off — that had Stephen A keeling over with laughter.

Here are the important things to know before you watch the video and you enter The Dojo Of The Mind Of Mad Dog: 1. He recommends that Odell purchases a private plane instead of flying on American Airlines, 2. He has a big issue, it appears, with Odell flying American, and also with him taking a morning flight when there is football on a few hours later, because he could be watching football instead, 3. There is a pronunciation of “Tahiti” that you will not believe, 4. There is an argument over whether or not Odell could have taken Ambien.

Alright, here ya go:

Around the 1:51 mark of the video, Marcus Spears — who is the second panel of the three-way split screen, which put him in the middle of this entire thing — asks “what is happening” a few times. The answer to that question, Swagu, is television at its finest. And loudest. This was very loud.