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Kid Cudi Says His Collaboration Album With Travis Scott Isn’t Happening Anymore: ‘The Moment Has Passed’

Kid Cudi has given us a wide range of projects over the past year. Back in March, he starred in the A24 horror film, X. In September, he released his 10th studio album, Entergalactic, which was accompanied by an animated movie on Netflix.

Though Cudi has teased that we can expect one more album out of him, it’s safe to assume it probably won’t be the much-anticipated collaborative album with Travis Scott.

Back in 2020, Kid Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, released a song with Travis Scott called “The Scotts,” which was also said to be the title of an upcoming collaborative project between the two.

The song, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, proved to be a hit, however, Cudi revealed that the planned project has since been scrapped.

This morning on Twitter, a fan asked Cudi, “Is The Scotts album still on the cards?”

Cudi replied, saying, “Naw im not doin that. The moment has passed.”

Though the album may no longer see the light of day, Cudi said he is still down to record one-off collaborative singles with Scott in the future.

Cudi also revealed that we won’t be getting a sequel to Entergalactic, however, he has some other animated projects in the works.

“my next project im workin on is gonna f*ck u up in the best ways too,” he said.