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MIKE Drops His New Mixtape Along With The Cerebral ‘No Curse Lifted (Rivers of Love)’ Video

New York rapper MIKE has been rolling out his new mixtape, Beware Of The Monkey, for the past month with videos for “Nuthin I Can Do Is Wrng,” “What Do I Do?,” and “Stop Worry!” featuring Sister Nancy and today, the project arrived fully formed along with a new video for its track “No Curse Lifted (Rivers Of Love).”

Built atop a single that sounds right out of an ’80s infomercial, “No Curse Lifted” finds MIKE breathlessly unraveling a cerebral, intricately-patterned verse detailing his gift for rappity-rapping. The video, directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa, sees MIKE rapping in front of a brand-new Mercedes-Benz against a white background, being handed a glistening bubble jacket, and watching his team count his money via machine.

Embracing an indie grind mindset, MIKE has slowly been gaining momentum in rap’s underground scene thanks to his associations with stalwarts of the genre like Earl Sweatshirt and Na-Kel Smith. He also spent much of the year touring, including a stint opening for Freddie Gibbs on the Gary native’s Space Rabbit Tour this past spring. Keep your eyes and ears open for MIKE’s next move — something tells us he’s just getting started.

Watch MIKE’s “No Curse Lifted (Rivers Of Love)” video above.

Beware Of The Monkey is out now. You can get it here.