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Coi Leray Pours All Of Her Heartbreak Into Her Somber New R&B Single, ‘Wasted’

Budding hip-hop talent, Coi Leray, stands by her declaration, “girls are players too,” but in her new single, “Wasted,” she shows that love isn’t always fun and games.

Co-produced by Taylor Hill and Tommy “Tbhits” Brown, the track is a sonic departure from Leray’s signature high-energy club kid aesthetic as heard on “Blick Blick” featuring Nicki Minaj and “Fly Sh!t.” Instead, Leray leans into the vulnerable nature heard in her previously released single, “Anxiety.”

This go-around, the rapper explores the gut-wrenching reality that the person you love and care for deeply isn’t the one for you — a reality the recording artist knows all too well following her breakup with Toronto rapper Pressa.

Co-written by Alexander “Big A” Prado and Leonard “Skeez” Lowman, the song Leray trades in her spunky rap delivery for a melodic vocal approach as the R&B calls for a much more delicate approach. It is clear Leray chose this as her newest single to showcase her range and she knocks it out of the park.

As she sings, “I gave you one chance, then you f*cked it up, then you f*cked it up again / A mistake ain’t a mistake when you make the same one again / You told me that I’m the one, but I ain’t one of them / Communication gettin’ frustrated, can we make it make sense? / You make more time for your homies, you hit me when you feelin’ lonely,” it is hard not to be pulled into Leray’s pain.

Leray took to Twitter to share the inspiration behind the track, writing, “This song is for my bitches who wasted time, energy, and so much more dealing with you f*ck n****s! Ladies, let this song heal you and understand you are not alone!”

In addition to the song’s release across music streaming platforms, Leray teamed up with production companies Valley Visions and Unique Visions to direct the official video. The visual stars model Justus Pickett as Leray’s love interest and viewers are guided through the ups and downs of this love affair gone awry.

Watch the full video above.