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Drake Seemingly Responded To The Woman Who Claimed He Flew Her Out, All To Later Kick Her Out For Recording Him

More often than not, Drake is flying high in his professional life. Her Loss, his collaborative album with 21 Savage, surpassed one billion Spotify streams and avoiding an Argentina “Drake Curse” in the World Cup. But yesterday, December 28, he denied flying out a woman who posted a TikTok about an alleged intimate evening she spent with him in November.

“Never met. Never spoke. Never flew,” Drake wrote on his Instagram Story. “I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given sh*t is sad out here.”

Drake IG Story December 2022
@champagnepapi on Instagram

As captured by HipHopDX, this is what the woman had to say in her original video:

“Last month, Drake had flew me out. So I had made a video, and I posted it on my Instagram Story. It was a video of me inside a purple lingerie set, and I had tagged Drake inside my Story, but I tagged him and I, like, made it real small so nobody could know that I had tagged him in my Story. So, I did not know that he was even gonna see it. I’m not even gonna lie.

So, he had texted me [in] vanish mode and was like, ‘What’s your number?’ with the heart-eyes emoji. I sent my number, quick. He called my phone. We choppin’ it up or whatever. That’s when he was like, he tryin’ to see me, and I be like, ‘I’m tryna see you, too.’ So he had booked my flight for November 16. Mind y’all: we textin’, talkin’, all of that [on] November 13.

So, fast forward, I get off the plane. He had sent a private out to get me, but before I went inside his house, they made me sign an NDA. So, I can’t really say too much, but I had looked up my NDA rules, so I know what I can and can’t say. When I get in the house, we just sitting on the couch — chillin’, talkin’ — he kept on rubbing on my stomach and kept on asking questions like, ‘Do you want kids?’ And I’m like, ‘What you trying to say?’ Like, if you wanna baby mama me, just say that.’ … Y’all know we did what we did. I don’t have to go in detail about that because it’s self-explanatory. But, he did not use protection, which was a little weird, but I’m just going with the flow.

After we did what we did, we just cuddling and we watching another movie. Everything went left when I pulled my phone out. So, I had pulled my phone out and I had recorded him. As soon as he seen me recording him, he slapped my phone out my hand. I’m not even gonna lie, I got a little scared because that slap was aggressive, but after he had slapped the phone out my hand, he was like, ‘You gotta go.’ I was like, ‘Just ’cause I recorded you? Really?’ But I had posted the video on my Instagram. All the receipts is on my Instagram, so I don’t got time for y’all to be like I’m lying and all of that because what do I have to lie for?”

On a semi-related note, Drake also had time to clap back at the Los Angeles Clippers this week. During the Clippers’ 124-113 win over the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday, December 27, the Clippers posted sarcastically that Kawhi Leonard and Norman Powell were “with a fan” when they dapped up Drake courtside. Drake commented, “Win a ring.” For what it’s worth, the Clippers (21-15) have a better record than the Raptors (15-19) so far this season.