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Logic Shared A Freestyle In Which He Talks About Not Seeing Rap As A Competition

Logic is known to be a wholesome, caring figure in hip-hop, often exploring taboo, emotional topics in his songs. Earlier this year he teamed up with Russ for “Therapy Music,” which openly reckoned with mental health journeys.

He now shared a freestyle called “Like A Playwright” on Instagram. The flow touches on the way he views other rappers as brothers rather than competitors. “Logic known for telling stories like a playwright / Stay Black brothers and sisters is how we stay right,” he raps. “It’s that midnight marauder sh*t / Flow seamless over the beats it’s kinda like a partnership / I never even thought of it / ‘Cause see for me it’s not a contest / I want all my brothers to win, all my brothers to win.”

In June, the rapper talked about the harshness of cyberbullying. “It’s difficult, man, to see people tell you they hope your family dies, and your baby’s ugly, and X, Y, Z, and you deal with that every time you look on the internet,” he said. “I know, it’s messed up, man. Yeah, as human beings. It’s insane to know that a decade ago this isn’t how the internet was. It was actually a much more nicer place. You know what I mean? There were still trolls and stuff… but everything now, how people even discuss or talk about music, ‘Yeah, this was mid.’ What does that even mean?”