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The Top-Rated Hangover Cures, According To Party-Loving TikTokers

When the earth finishes a lap spinning around the sun, there’s a go-to celebration tactic: Have loads of drinks and get spinning right along with it. While everyone’s got their own spirit preference, what’s universal is the desire to celebrate the changing of the guard with a bang. Sometimes too big a bang.

It’s an age-old conflict — most people want January 1st to be a launch pad to hit the ground running but it’s nearly impossible to do that when the first day of the year is spent hiding from sunlight, groaning, and feeling too weak to get up and guzzle sink water. I’m talking, of course, about the dreaded New Year’s Day hangover.

How can a person enjoy their New Years extravaganza to the fullest yet simultaneously come out unscathed the next day, ready to crush all their goals from the get-go? We looked to TikTok and found five beloved remedies for a hangover. While a few seem… logically unsound, they’re all pretty-well aligned with general hangover wisdom.

The Pickle

Yes, it seems odd, but when you realize a hangover is essentially an intense state of dehydration, paired with the fact pickle juice is loaded with electrolytes, this makes sense. Some comments even suggest just drinking the juice….

@hangingwithhaley_ The best thing I learned in college was pickles cure hangovers #hangovercure #hungovercheck #hangoverremedy #nohangoverforme #picklegirl #thehangoverpickle ♬ original sound – hangingwithhaley

Recovery Lemonade

The most popular hack on the list, Monica D’Agostino is a nutritionist by day and a TikTok influencer by night. Combine the two, and you have her viral recipe for “recovery lemonade,” a blend of lemon juice, ginger paste (good for the stomach), turmeric, black pepper, and agave. The frenzy of positive reception in the comments is a good sign to give this combo a try.

@saltandsagenutrition 24 oz. water, juice of a lemon, 2-3 tsp ginger, 1 tsp turmeric, couple shakes of black pepper, 1-2 tsp agave #recoverylemonade #lemonadetok ♬ original sound – Monica

Clear Alcohol

This one falls more in the “preventative care” category, but still good to know. Dark alcohol like wine, rum, and whiskey can often subject its victims to the worst of hangovers. This creator suggests choosing clear spirits like blanco tequila and vodka to give you a better shot at coming out on top. Keyword “better” shot.

@theblondeparty tequila is always the answer #hangoverclub #hangoverremedies #hangovercure ♬ original sound – theblondeparty

Liquid IV

This is basically a free advertisement for Liquid IV, a hydration product that contains a combination of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. While this TikTok user suggests mixing the powder with orange juice, some folks commented that Liquid IV can be added to anything, even a cocktail to make your drink hangover-resistant.

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The Hangover Drink with an Indian Influence

Coconut water, mineral water, lime juice, and black salt (Kala Namak) is all it takes to make what some call a “healthy gatorade.” It seems the most common trait shared amongst these remedies is a focus on restoring electrolytes, so this one could be worth a try if you want to keep it minimalist.

@desigirleats curing my hangover desi style #postwedding #hangovercure #asmr #asmrrecipe #drinkasmr #indiandrink #indianfood #desigirleatstheworld #hangover ♬ original sound – DesiGirlEats

At the end of the day, everyone experiments with their own remedies. Greasy breakfast, Gatorade, acupuncture, warm shower, soda, soup, sleep, or maybe even just a prayer. Our editor says the secret is to stay awake at least two hours past your last drink. Of course, some say the noble way to avoid a hangover is to moderate alcohol consumption, properly hydrate, and not go crazy on an empty stomach. But sometimes the heat of celebration doesn’t permit that sort of nonsense. So, if hope is lost, the lights become too bright, and the thought of alcohol becomes shiver-inducing, it can’t hurt to give these remedies a try.