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A Secret Room In ‘Sports Story’ May Hint At A Troubled Development Cycle

Back in 2017, a really charming indie game called Golf Story was released and featured a simple premise: What if you made a golf game like NES golf, added a bunch of funny dialogue, and make an entire world revolve around the idea of golf superiority? Okay, maybe that last part is a little dramatic, but Golf Story is great and everyone should go play it. Unfortunately, its sequel, Sports Story, hasn’t had quite the same impact.

Sports Story was released in December right before Christmas and seemed like the perfect game to enjoy while traveling during the holidays, or waiting out the recent cold snap. Unfortunately, as people started to make their way through the game, there were negative reactions to it, namely that it was a really buggy mess that didn’t have quite the same charm as the previous game. It was a surprise and a disappointment for a sequel to a game that didn’t feature either of these issues.

There are many reasons why this could be the end result of the game, but a hidden room that was recently found within the game potentially suggests an unfortunate story about the game: arushed development cycle, overworked employees, and a poor game as a result.

There is a full video on YouTube that shows how you enter the secret room via a glitch and what the rest of the characters say. All of the characters speak of being overworked, not listened to, or glitches being unfulfilled. If this secret room was a hidden message from the devs, then it’s a pretty ugly picture that’s being painted.

On the other hand, the way the characters are written is pretty in line with the humor of both Golf Story and Sports Story. It’s very possible that this was originally going to be a fun easter egg that players could discover later in the game before it was cut for one reason or another. That reason could, in fact, have been that they realized it wasn’t going to launch well, so they tried to hide it. The only people who know for certain are the ones who chose to leave that room in the game’s code.