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Billie Eilish, Noted ‘The Office’ Superfan, Recreated One Of The Show’s Classic Scenes With Two Of Its Stars

Billie Eilish, a noted superfan of The Office, is set to make an upcoming appearance on Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey’s (Angela) podcast, Office Ladies. In the first teaser, Eilish recreates the beloved party-planning scene from the first season of the show — with Fischer and Kinsey playing their respective characters.

The pop star recites Phyllis’ lines. “Well for decorations, maybe we could do… No, that’s stupid, forget it,” Eilish says as the character while the committee debates whether or not to have streamers in the office. “But that’s dumb, everybody has streamers, never mind.”

After the three successfully recreate the scene, Fischer tells Eilish that she’s officially one of them. “You’re officially in the PPC,” she exclaimed, referencing the party-planning committee.

Eilish’s appearance on Office Ladies feels like a long time coming and frankly, it’s surprising that it hadn’t happened yet. From sampling Michael Scott for the song “My Strange Addiction” on her debut album to claiming she’s seen the entire series fourteen times, she has cemented herself as a serious fan. In 2020, she did, however, appear on Steve Carrell (Michael Scott) and Brian Baumgartner’s An Oral History Of The Office podcast.

“Every time I watch it, I understand something new because I started at 12,” she said. “And honestly, if you asked my parents, this makes me sound so stupid, but the most of the things that I know are because of The Office.”

Listen to Eilish’s clip from the Office Ladies podcast above.