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The Most Metal Baby Of All Time, Whose Grandfather Is Ozzy Osbourne And Whose Dad Is In Slipknot, Was Just Born

The nepo baby conversation may have died off in the press, but thanks to television personality Kelly Osbourne, it may be revived on social media. While her famous musician father may regret moving back to the United Kingdom, her talk show host mother, Sharon, has wasted no time finding her footing in British media by accidentally announcing the birth of her daughter’s son with Slipnot’s turntablist Sid Wilson.

During the broadcast of The Talk UK, her mother was discussing a story about modern grandparents’ involvement in their grandchildren’s lives. The Emmy Award-winning anchor let it slip that Kelly had, in fact, already given birth to her first child, saying, “[They’re doing] so great.” This isn’t the first time Kelly’s parents have slipped the beans about her growing family. In October 2022, the former reality star reluctantly confirmed she was indeed having a boy after her father mistakenly told the press before she could.

Metal fans quickly began fantasizing about the potential musical abilities Kelly and Wilson’s son would have given that he is the grandson of the genre’s most impactful band, Black Sabbath founder Ozzy Osbourne, as well as the son of a Slipknot member.

Kelly has responded to fans wanting to know more about the baby in her Instagram Story, writing, “I am not ready to share him with the world,” adding, “It’s no one’s place but mine to share any information about on my baby,” as a clap back to her mother.

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