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Wet Leg’s ‘Chaise Longue’ Was Transformed By Unknown Mortal Orchestra In An Eccentric Remix

Wet Leg’s 2022 was nothing short of exciting. With their 2021 hit “Chaise Longue,” their success and hype only accumulated when their debut self-titled LP came out and they were brought on a tour with the one and only Harry Styles, who was arguably the biggest pop star of last year.

The reign of “Chaise Longue” is not over yet. The group handed the song over to Unknown Mortal Orchestra to put their own spin on it, and they did not hold back. The track is completely transformed into a psychedelic, distorted experience, having the texture of a noise-rock anthem. It hits — in a totally different way.

In our interview with Wet Leg, Rhian Teasdale explained her pronunciation of the piece of furniture: “You can hear the demo of ‘Chaise Longue,’ it’s on the B-side of the 7-inch that we put out,” she said. “That’s ‘Chaise Longue’ in its purest form, pretty much. I say ‘chaise longe,’ because that’s how I thought it was pronounced at the time. And then when we went into like the real studio, I thought I’d get my friend Google out and actually learn how to say it, and Google told me it was ‘chaise long.’ So that’s what we went for. Well, there in the States you say ‘chaise lounge.’”

Listen to Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s remix of “Chaise Longue” above.