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French Montana Has Been Threatened With A Lawsuit Over A Miami Shooting

Last month, French Montana was filming a music video in Miami Gardens when gunfire broke out, wounding 10 people. The Bronx rapper issued a statement expressing regret at the incident and assuring fans his “thoughts & prayers are w/ the victims & families at this time.” However, that hasn’t stopped one of them from apparently pursuing legal counsel — and a potential lawsuit — against the rapper, according to NBC Miami.

Carl Leon, a 25-year-old music blogger who was injured in the shooting, told local news he plans to file suit. His attorney, Josiah Graham, said, “Sometime during the break of one of the scenes, that’s when he heard gunshots. He didn’t know what happened, like everyone else. He took off running. As he’s running, he fell at some point. When he gets up, he discovers he’s been shot.” Although Leon had been invited to the video filming, Graham stressed that Miami police hadn’t issued a permit for it and said, “It’s our understanding that he had an unauthorized video shoot at Finger Licking, so, we’re looking into that.”

However, a link between the film shooting and the guns hasn’t been publicly established, so it’s unclear whether French and collaborator Rob49 were involved or just unlucky. French was at the restaurant to celebrate the release of his mixtape Coke Boys 6, and it appears that any filming took place as part of the celebration, not a separate, planned video. Meanwhile, Rob49 was apparently also hit and hospitalized.