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Rihanna Loved Jerrod Carmichael’s ‘Very Controversial’ Joke About Her Upcoming Album At The Golden Globes

At the 2023 Golden Globes last night (January 10), Rihanna’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever song “Lift Me Up” didn’t take home the award for Best Original Song, Motion Picture. She still stole the show, though, by getting multiple shout-outs during the broadcast. That included one from host Jerrod Carmichael, who cracked a joke that Rihanna fans are probably wishing he hadn’t.

Addressing Rihanna between awards, Carmichael said, “You know what? Honestly, only because I see Rihanna is here, and I’m gonna say… I’m gonna say something very controversial that… I will actually get in trouble for this: Rihanna, you take all the time you want on that album, girl. Don’t let these fools on the internet pressure you into nothing!”

As Carmichael got to the part about his comment being “controversial,” Rihanna smiled as she waited for the punchline. When that dropped, she gave a laugh and a clap, putting her hands on her face and saying something to the people around her.

As for those fools on the internet, they don’t seem to feel the same as Carmichael. One Rihanna fan wrote, “Who this [clown] Jerrod Carmicheal calling a fool? Talking bout ‘don’t let these fools on the internet pressure you into nothing.’ Rihanna owes us that album and we need it ASAP!” Even the Golden Globes themselves got in on the moment, tweeting, “Jerrod Carmichael may want you to take your time but we’d like that album ASAP.”

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