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Taylor Swift’s 2022 Was So Massive That Her Album Sales Were Nearly Triple Those Of The Artist In Second Place

Taylor Swift broke a ton of records last year after dropping her tenth studio album, Midnights, back in October. As it turns out, those album sales provided a significant boost to her already strong year. Billboard’s new report, via Luminate, states that Swift sold the most total albums last year, with 2.928 million across “her entire catalog.” They also note that this combines physical and digital sales.

The runner-up in terms of 2022’s most album sales was Harry Styles at 1.06 million — meaning Swift nearly tripled past him for the title. As a fan in the replies joked, “I also stay away from my ex’s.” Another added, “The gap is gaping.”

In addition, Swift recently broke another record for Midnights specifically, as the vinyl outsold its CD counterpart in the UK. According to The Guardian, the last time this feat occurred was back in 1987. Her album has been reported to have sold over 800,000 vinyl copies.

Other notable facts tied to Swift’s Midnights were that she both became the only artist to have ten songs occupy the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 and achieved the best week for an album in just four days.

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