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The National Appears To Be Teasing New Music By Way Of Cryptic Mailers

It appears new music from The National is coming soon. In recent weeks, fans of the band have taken to Reddit to share that they’ve received cryptic postcards in the mail.

Some of the Reddit users claimed to have received a cutout of a face, with a nametag with the name Paul. On the back of the cutout is a message reading, “TRANQUILIZE THE MIND.” Below the message is a note reading “FRIDAY THE 13TH, JANUARY 2023.”

Another piece of mail was formatted the same way, however, instead of saying “TRANQUILIZE THE MIND,” it read “EVIL FOREBODINGS.”

The National has been teasing new music since last summer, when they began playing new material at various shows and festival gigs. In an email sent to fans, they said that the material was coming from “a new album we are close to finishing and very excited about.” Since then, they have only officially released “Weird Goodbyes,” a collaboration with Bon Iver.

In the meantime, The National members Aaron and Bryce Dessner are teaming up with their sister Jessica, along with composer and vocalist Rebekka Karijord, for a new musical supergroup, Complete Mountain Almanac. Their self-titled debut album arrives Friday, January 27.

Over the past three years, the Dessners have kept relatively busy, as Aaron has produced Taylor Swift’s albums Folklore and Evermore. Bryce has scored films like C’mon C’mon and Bardo, False Chronicle Of A Handful Of Truths. It looks like this year is shaping up to be even busier for the twin brothers.