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Timothy Olyphant Has Made It Known That He’s Down For Even More ‘Justified’ After ‘City Primeval’

Santa Clarita Diet fans might still be salty after Netflix cruelly cancelled Mr. Ball Legs after Season 3, at which point Timothy Olyphant said that he’d keep filming that show anyway. I guess he (sadly) gave up on that quest, but the good news is that Justified is making a real comeback, eight years after the O.G. series swaggered into the sunset following six seasons of extrajudicial justice upon baddies from Raylan Givens. Expect to see Justified: City Primeval on FX sometime in Summer 2023.

The Elmore Leonard-revival production itself has been plagued by bizarre instances of real-life violence smashing into the Chicago set, but all was fortunately well with the cast and crew. During this week’s Television Critics Association presentation (where FX also announced that Mayans M.C. will end with a fifth season), Olyphant attended with executive producers Graham Yost and Michael Dinner. And Olyphant had no issue telling the world that he would definitely want to do a continuation past the upcoming limited series, which is largely set in Detroit, rather than Raylan’s previous stomping grounds of Harlan and Miami. From Deadline:

“I would show up,” exclaimed Olyphant.

Yost beamed, “Michael (Dinner) has been pitching since year one that it would take place in Italy or Hawaii!”

“He was in a position to make this one in Italy!” responded Olyphant enthusiastically.

Justified: The White Lotus really sounds too irresistible to ever be true. However, if Graham Yost, Michael Dinner, or any other interested parties (ahem, Quentin Tarantino) need some ideas, our own Brian Grubb previously plotted out several examples for their convenience. “All I Do Is Wynn” does sound like a ratings extravaganza.

(Via Deadline)