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Westside Gunn Revealed He Lost $50,000 After Things ‘Weren’t Handled Right’ For His European Tour

For Westside Gunn‘s swan song year, the “Shootouts In Soho” rapper wanted to meet his fans from various parts of the world. Unfortunately, he was forced to cancel the European tour he was set to embark on, noting that logistics for the concert “weren’t handled right.”

Gunn took to Instagram to share the unfortunate news, per HipHopDX.

“It was nothing more I wanted to do than to start seeing my supporters around the world,” he said in the caption of the since-deleted post. “It’s def still a dream and I’m gonna work on it to still make it happen but unfortunately this time things weren’t handled right and that’s too far for me to be gone and something isn’t right and I’m somewhere I’ve never been and sh*t already not right now.

Gunn also revealed that because of the cancellation, he lost a huge chunk of money.

“I haven’t even been giving deposits so don’t even think I took y’all money,” he continued. “[People] out of $40 I’m out 50,000 I spent just on plane tickets!!!”

He ended his post expressing gratitude and remaining hopeful that he will get to perform for his international fans. He also promised he is working to get the dates rescheduled and that he would “make it up to” disappointed fans.