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Re-Election Loser Donald Trump Is Still Referring To Mar-A-Lago As The ‘Southern White House’

It’s been nearly two years since Donald Trump last set foot in the White House. He didn’t leave on good terms: Instead of leaving peacefully, as most presidents do on the way out, he helped incite a failed insurrection, for which he may or may not finally be punished. But old habits die hard. While president, it was wrong for him to refer to the resort in which he now lives as the “Southern White House.” Wouldn’t you know he’s still doing it.

Trump was enjoying one of his relaxing Sunday mornings, which is to say he was railing on his rinky-dink Twitter clone with lots of random all caps words. What was he mad at? His successor stupidly keeping classified government documents, albeit not nearly as many as Trump did. Trump tried to walk a fine line and kept falling over. He said Biden wrong but he did not, because as president he could declassify anything he wanted with his mind. (He couldn’t.)

It was boilerplate Trump rage, but there was one thing that jumped out. While claiming Mar-a-Lago, which became a repository for hundreds of documents, was a “walled fortress,” he called his new home “the Southern White House.”

Trump came under fire for calling his resort home that while he was president. After all, he was still profiting off of it while he was commander-in-chief, which is strictly verboten — or it’s supposed to be, but Trump has spent his life getting away with everything. That he’s still calling it that is a reminder that he still won’t publicly acknowledge he lost re-election over two years ago. Surely Kari Lake, one of the many Trump wannabes he willed into the world, will still be referring to herself as the governor of Arkansas in two years, despite not winning even once.