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An Annoyingly Catchy Commercial Is Driving Everyone Nuts During The NFL Playoffs


If that’s not ringing any bells, you have not been watching the NFL playoffs. It’s the one time a year people actually watch live TV, which means it’s the one time a year people are subjected to commercials. The new “Fish McBites” — an annoying and annoyingly catchy earworm that you’ll be humming on your death bed — is a jingle for Burger King in which a singer repeats the word “Whopper” approximately 47 times before informing viewers that at BK, you can have it your way. YOU RULE. (Yes, there’s a Genius page.)

The song is part of a larger campaign that Burger King spent $400 million on, “$150 million on advertising and digital channels, and $250 million on technology and physical restaurant upgrades,” according to QSR magazine. In a a statement, Tom O’Keefe, the CEO of advertising agency OKRP, said, “Let’s face it, the song is irresistible, whether or not you remember the old jingle — we’re hoping it’ll be the earworm you can’t shake off.”

Keep Taylor Swift out of it, buddy.

In one way, the Burger King ad is a success: people are talking about it. In another way, though, those same people are being slowly driven insane.

The jazz version is nice, though.

As is the Daft Punk remix.

It’s unclear who sings the song, but it’s not Sam Richardson.

You know what the worst part of all this is? I’m suddenly craving an Impossible WHOPPER WHOPPER WHOPPER. Don Draper would be proud.