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Mike Lindell Just Discovered Zoom’s Blur Background Feature, And Jimmy Kimmel Is Convinced The MyPillow Man Is Not A Real Person

Anyone who has ever heard the word “cyber” come out of Mike Lindell’s mouth likely knows that when it comes to understanding, or explaining, technology, the kooky MyPillow Man is a bit of a Luddite. And Jimmy Kimmel is on to him.

On Tuesday night, the late-night host shared a hilarious clip of the pillow maestro accidentally discovering Zoom’s background blur feature… and kind of freaking out. As Kimmel explained:

The MyPillow Man, Mike Lindell… is still trying to overturn the election, because he believes the voting machines are rigged. Last night, Mike Lindell — who says he understands the voting system data better than anyone else — had a little bit of trouble wrapping his head around the virtual background feature on Zoom.

While delivering his daily “The Lindell Report” to the half-a-dozen or so people who watch his Lindell TV livestream, poor Mike got a little confused by why his background was blurred (which is hardly surprising coming from the man who claimed he tried to rid Minnesota of drugs by “doing them all.”) When his sidekick, Brandon (poor Brandon) tried to explain to the Pillow Man that he hadn’t done anything to Mike’s computer settings and that “that’s on your side,” Lindell seemed suspicious.

“It wasn’t doing it up until this interview, Brandon,” Lindell told him, somewhat accusingly. So Brandon did his best to explain that “a setting got changed probably.”

Ultimately, Lindell claimed that he kind of liked the blurred background (note: he was sitting in front of a stairway, not his ginormous lion painting), then suggested they take some calls to ask other people what they think of this blur feature, which pretty much everyone in the world learned about when COVID first arrived three years ago.

But even as they went to take some calls, Lindell could not stop fiddling with the camera on his computer — as he was clearly convinced that there was something wrong with it. “Try soaking the computer in hot water,” Kimmel suggested.

“Is he a real person?,” Kimmel wondered aloud. “I’m not convinced. He could be one of those machines in disguise.”

You can (and should) watch the full clip above, beginning at the 6:45 mark.