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Trump Is Texting For The First Time And His Supporters Are Worried He’ll Incriminate Himself Even More Now

It’s never a good thing when another Boomer figures out how to text, but that’s especially true if you’re a twice-impeached former president currently being investigated by multiple federal agencies.

According to a report by The New York Times, Donald Trump has started sending messages via his phone for the first time. Sure, the ketchup-throwing tyrant loved distilling his erratic, incomprehensible thoughts via 140 characters on Twitter and, when banned from that app, having his communications secretaries electronically deliver press releases daily. But, according to insiders, the Florida retiree was averse to texting until recently.

“Friends, confidants and even people not especially close to Mr. Trump began receiving text messages from his cellphone, most of them described as innocuous, such as new year greetings or political observations,” the Times wrote, adding that Trump’s refusal to text likely kept him out of legal trouble during the Jan. 6th hearings.

The real estate tycoon has always been wary of leaving a paper trail even in electronic form, with the report stating he “sometimes asked aides to send electronic messages to reporters, referring to the missives as ‘wires,’ like a telegram.” When he first adopted Twitter, aides described teaching him to type on his phone as something like “the scene in the film Jurassic Park when the velociraptors learned to open doors.”

But now it sounds like Trump is fully embracing that emoji life, which is making some of his supporters nervous. The Times reported that “the fact that Mr. Trump is now sending texts has caused alarm among some of his associates, who are concerned about what he might say,” while describing insiders as “shocked” and alarmed by his POV shift on texting.

We just feel sorry for anyone in his contacts when he discovers how to send voice notes.

(Via New York Times)