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Joyce Wrice Dances The Pain Away In Her New ‘Bittersweet Goodbyes’ Video

On her latest EP, Motive, which was released last October, singer Joyce Wrice delivers an emotional collection of tracks, set to groovy, dance-ready beats. Today (February 7), Wrice has shared the latest video from the EP for a song called “Bittersweet Goodbyes.”

On the track, Wrice seems to have let go of a relationship that was not good for her, however, the turbulent emotions continue to come back and forth in waves.

“Why you always inconsistent? / Look at me / Close the space, don’t give me distance / ‘Cause if you’re looking for the worse that’s what you’ll find / Bittersweeet goodbyes,” she sings over the intoxicating, pulsating beat.

In the song’s accompanying music video, Juliann McCandless and Ashley Bone, Wrice is seen dancing alone — never missing a beat. She is then joined by a group of equally talented dancers, who nail the choreography arranged by Brian Drake, and display impeccable chemistry on the dancefloor. Also in the video are Kiana Ledé, ESTA, and Mack Keane, the latter of which co-produced the song with Kaelin Ellis. Toward the end, as the rest of the dancers begin to walk off, Wrice maintains her momentum, as she dances the pain away.

Check out the video for “Bittersweet Goodbyes” above.