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Elijah Wood Slammed AMC Theatres’ New Seat Pricing Plan, Saying It Will ‘Penalize People For Lower Income’

Movie theaters are still climbing back to where they were before a little once-in-a-century public health crisis began. Lots of people are even seeing non-blockbusters about normal people again (at least if they star Tom Hanks). Still, Regal is shuttering a bunch of theaters. AMC Theatres, meanwhile, is trying out a new pricing plan, where you could pay more or less depending on where you sit. It’s already drawn criticism, including from one of the stars of one of the biggest franchises of the last quarter century.

“The movie theater is and always has been a sacred democratic space for all,” Elijah Wood tweeted Monday. “This new initiative by AMC Theatres would essentially penalize people for lower income and reward for higher income.”

The initiative, called Sightline, breaks down like this: Seats in the middle, called “Premium Sightline,” go for slightly more than normal seats, called “Standard Sightline.” There’s also “Value Sightline,” which are a bit cheaper and include, as per an AMC statement, “seats in the front row of the auditorium, as well as select ADA seats in each auditorium, and are available at a lower price than standard sightline seats.”

In other words, whereas in the past everyone was equal — and the crappy seats only went to those who showed up late — the wealthier can now separate themselves from those with less money.

We’ll see how it goes or if they keep it up. In the meantime, that beloved Nicole Kidman intro ain’t going anywhere — for now.

(Via Deadline)