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Rebecca Black Is Shining Bright By Dropping Her Fiery ‘Let Her Burn’ Debut Album

Rebecca Black dropped her long-awaited debut album, Let Her Burn, today. As an independent artist, this project took a little bit in the making — but fans are all the more here for her return.

“I’ve dreamt of this ever since I was a tiny tumblr obsessed teenage bean in OC,” she shared on Instagram last November. “I remember I was full of fear, but at the same time I had this burning desire to show and prove myself to the world. I spent hours up alone every night listening to the albums that brought me comfort, hope and adventure in my own skin, imagining how my own could feel, if one day it ever got to exist.”

The singer also noted that the timing was perfect, as it has also been exactly twelve years since her song “Friday” became a viral sensation when she was 13. However, the immense popularity of the song wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be, especially as an adolescent.

“I think being so young and having such an intense reaction to “Friday” to deal with as a kid really hindered that ability to take control of my own life and the things that I believed in,” she told Uproxx in 2021. “I just tried to never give up on that. And I’ve fallen so many times, so ungracefully.”

Let Her Burn is out now via Rebecca Black. Buy/stream it here.