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Kevin Harlan Couldn’t Hold It Together After Reggie Miller Said ‘Any Time AD Grimaces, It’s 3 Weeks’

When healthy, Anthony Davis is among the NBA’s elite two-way forces in the frontcourt. The problem is, for much of his career he’s struggled with the staying healthy part of the equation, often finding himself sidelined with various ailments and injuries — since playing back-to-back seasons of 75 games in 2015-16 and 16-17, Davis has missed at least 20 games in each of the last five seasons.

Most recently this year, Davis missed time with a stress injury in his foot that has kept him on the injury list as he continues to manage the injury while playing through it. Davis’ propensity for being hurt has become almost darkly comical, as seemingly every time things start going well and he looks like his dominant self again, something new pops up.

In the fourth quarter of the Lakers national TV showdown with the Bucks on Thursday night, Davis took a shot to the hip and on the replay, Grant Hill noted he was grimacing as he went down, which caused Reggie Miller to quip, “that’s the last thing Lakers fans want to see. Any time AD grimaces, it’s three weeks [on the shelf].” That led to both Grant and Kevin Harlan having to stifle laughter and hold down the cough button as the broadcast went silent as they tried to regain their composure.

The laughter isn’t so much at AD and more at Reggie for firing off that comment on air. That’s a joke you’d expect to see on Twitter, or if on TV at all from Charles Barkley, not coming out of Reggie Miller’s mouth, but it was a well-timed, even if maybe off-color, joke from TNT’s lead game analyst.