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You Won’t Believe How Much 50 Cent Gets Paid To Perform Live

50 Cent got very candid in a recent interview about how much he gets paid for live performances, revealing that it’s no small fee. The Queens-bred mogul recently graced the cover of Billboard, where he trekked through his journey from rap star to entrepreneur, as well as his entry into film and television. Prior to his Get Rich, Or Die Tryin’ days, the rapper revealed his price tag is stark in comparison to the huge fee he gets paid these days.

50 revealed that when he was booked by Master P for a handful of performances, he was paid less than $100k, now he gets ten times more than that.

“I think he gave me like $80,000, and now I’m getting like $900,000, $ 1 million,” the 47-year-old rapper told Billboard.

He continued, “The coolest thing we create in America is celebrities. If you see LeBron [James’] fan base internationally, you’ll argue, ‘Why is he staying here?’ He’s that big internationally. For the most part, I can’t speak for everybody, but the international side of the game is different.”

The rapper-turned-actor said, “I get the attention I want from music when I want it” and that he has found solace working on his film and TV projects. Despite his career highs, the Power creator noted that he’s not completely stepping away from music and that he wants to offer something new to fans.

“I just went out and toured 45 countries, and everywhere was sold out. That made me want to offer new music that I could integrate into everything now. I’ve done what I wanted to do in the [sales] capacity,” he said.