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Marjorie Taylor Greene Got An Earful About Chris Stapleton’s ‘Wokeness’ After She Slammed The Black National Anthem

The full significance of the Super Bowl opener (with Sheryl Lee Ralph’s “Lift Every Voice and Sing” rendition as well as a Navy flyover featuring an all-female pilot team) was lost upon Marjorie Taylor Greene, who wasn’t aware of country singer Chris Stapleton’s perspectives. The far-right congresswoman’s anti-woke leanings are no secret, given that she worries for the “average white male” (whatever that means). However, Greene slipped up by praising Stapleton but trashing the rest of the opener.

“Chris Stapleton just sang the most beautiful national anthem at the Super Bowl,” Greene tweeted. “But we could have gone without the rest of the wokeness.”

No one is debating Stapleton’s prowess at the mic, which even left Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni in tears. What MTG failed to recognize is that Stapleton is an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and his presence as part of this ensemble matters a lot. “There’s a very broad awakening that’s come about,” he declared to CBS This Morning after the murder of George Floyd in 2020. “It’s time for me to listen. It’s time for other folks to listen.” He then added, “The country that I thought we were living in was a myth.”

Greene’s tweet came back to bite her in the butt, given that she missed the above news when it happened. One user tweeted, “Chris Stapleton is ‘woke’ as f*ck,” and that was only the beginning. Others questioned why she has such a problem with an all-woman team of pilots, but no one ever said that Greene makes sense.

Oh, and here’s a lovely photoshop of George Santos and his Vince Lombardi Trophy. Enjoy the rest of the game.