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Patrick Mahomes Was In Agony After Aggravating His Ankle Injury In The Second Quarter

Super Bowl LVII quickly turned into a shootout between the Chiefs and Eagles, with Philadelphia jumping out to a 21-14 lead. It certainly looked like a game where both star QBs would need to be at their best to produce a win, but optimism for a fun second half was dashed in the final two minutes of the second quarter when Patrick Mahomes got hit on his injured ankle on a scramble and struggled to limp off of the field.

FOX’s camera’s stayed on Mahomes on the sideline and showed him in agony as trainers looked at his ankle, with Chad Henne quickly warming up off to the side in case he was needed. Mahomes would stay on the sideline and not make an early exit to the locker room, which was hopefully a good sign for a potential return, but his reaction was notable, particularly to those that know him well.

The Eagles did not give the Chiefs the ball back to end the half, which means we likely won’t get an official update until after halftime, but it was an unfortunate turn of events that put a damper on what had been a very fun first half. Even if he continues playing, one would think he won’t be able to operate at 100 percent and that’s a considerable disadvantage for a Kansas City offense that is so reliant on his playmaking ability.