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Billie Eilish Told Lana Del Rey All About Her Childhood Obsession Over Her, Which Included Lock Screen Photos And Talent Show Covers

It’s a big day for Lana Del Rey today (February 14), as she decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new song (“A&W“) and a new Interview interview. For that conversation, Del Rey was joined by Billie Eilish, who was clearly thrilled to be there and took the opportunity to tell Del Rey about how long she’s been a major fan on her.

The conversation started with Eilish declaring she’s “absolutely stoked out of [her] f*cking mind” to interview Del Rey. From there, Eilish spilled to a delighted Del Rey about how into her she was as a young girl:

“Eilish: You were my lock screen on the first phone I ever got.

Del Rey: Oh my god.

Eilish: I knew for months before I got my first iPhone that it was going to be that f*cking photo of you with the bee on your lip.

Del Rey: You know what’s funny? That bee picture was for Interview Germany.

Eilish: No way. I remember showing everybody. I grew up homeschooled, but we still had…

Del Rey: I’m so f*cking jealous of that.

Eilish: It was pretty tight, but we still had talent shows even though we didn’t have a school. I was all up in the talent show singing your stuff.

Del Rey: What?!

Eilish: Dude, come on.

Del Rey: Do we have any footage? [laughs]

Eilish: Oh yeah. I sang ‘Brooklyn Baby’ at the last one I did. I’d film myself covering your songs and pretend that I was gonna blow up on YouTube from them, and then they’d get two views.”

The rest of the interview is similarly fun, so check it out here.