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Ye Ali’s Rules Of The Private Lovers’ Suite For Uproxx

If you haven’t checked your calendar, today (February 14) is the annual day of lovers all around the world (unless you are Lana Del Rey). Many musicians have made being a certified lover boy a part of their artistic shtick (hi, Drake), or at least the idea of this imaginary persona has flooded their discography. However, melodic rapper and producer Ye Ali has embodied it on and off the track.

Previously released songs, “Oceans” and “Ring,” were just a peek behind his sensual curtain. Now, the recording artist is ready to give those looking to master the art of romance a few pointers from his own personal player bag or, as he refers to them, the teachings, Rules Of The Private Lovers’ Suite, just before the holiday’s nightfall.

By following Ali’s four simple rules, your Valentine’s Day evening would be one for the record books. Some of the rules require a bit of financial planning in advance. However, the most important of Ali’s rules is the last one, “the private suite is a judge-free zone.”

You can watch Ye Ali’s Rules Of The Private Suite for Uproxx Music above.

Outside of Rules of The Private Suit, catch Ali performing his song “Autumn’s Here” for UPROXX Sessions.