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Nessa Barrett Is Going Out With A ‘Bang Bang’ In Her Vengeful New Video

On her new single “Bang Bang,” a heartbroken Nessa Barrett comes face-to-face with the internal chaos brewing within her. The new song features Barrett expressing rage and anger toward her ex.

Over a drum-driven, rock-driven beat, Barrett expresses her fantasies about killing someone who did her dirty.

“I hate the way you drive your car / So I cut the brakes and key your heart / You talk too much, you’re not that smart / So I shut you up with a crowbar,” Barrett says on one of the song’s verses. Clocking in at only two minutes and 15 seconds, the song packs a hell of a punch.

“The song was written about my borderline personality rage,” said Barrett in a statement “There’s times where I just get so mad that I think about the craziest things I want to do in that moment, I feel like everyone deep down has intrusive thoughts even though they don’t want to admit it.”

The song’s accompanying video features solo shots of Barrett, as she wields a crowbar, poses for a mugshot, and directs her rage at various targets.

You can check out the video for “Bang Bang” above.

Nessa Barrett is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.