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Please Watch ‘You’ Superfan Drew Barrymore Lock Herself In A Glass Cage And Lose Her Mind Over A Birthday Surprise

It’s easy to forget that stars are just like us. They, too, have favorite shows to obsess over and binge in three days then make it their entire personality for a month or so. Hey, just because you’re rich and famous doesn’t mean you can’t sit down and watch some good peak TV, even if you are on TV. Drew Barrymore, despite being a Hollywood icon with a prolific career, is not immune to getting star-struck every once in a while, especially if the star is from You, her favorite show.

Penn Badgley stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show to surprise the host for her birthday by giving her some cleaning products and keeping her in a glass cage like his character Joe on You. If you are unfamiliar, Joe is a murderer that everyone loves because he reads books and has a beard. Keep up!

Barrymore was brought into a carefully constructed glass box where she was then surprised by Badgley, who remarked, “You’re not supposed to want this!” referring to being held prisoner by a man from Brooklyn. Barrymore, ignoring the warning, exclaims, “You know me so well!” Barrymore is known for hosting chaotic moments on her show, so this isn’t too bad.

Fans may remember that last year, Barrymore was gifted with a virtual visit from Badgley for her birthday, where she ended up crying on the floor. So that’s probably why they wanted to keep her contained in a box this time, but it also goes along with the theme, so it works.

The full episode, in which we see if Drew really survives, will air tomorrow.