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A Massive Brawl In Taiwan Featured A Coach Swinging On A Player And Dwight Howard Getting Ejected

Dwight Howard continuing his career in Taiwan has mostly just given Shaquille O’Neal a reason to revive his long-simmering feud with the former All-NBA center, but over the weekend, while the NBA’s best played in the All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, Howard found himself trying to cool down a wild brawl (and getting ejected for his efforts).

In the fourth quarter of a game between the Taoyuan Leopards and the TaiwanBeer HeroBears (which, as an aside, is an incredible team name), the two point guards got into it when #0 Chen Hsiao-jung swung an elbow at #14 Chiang Yu-an and the two went at it. Referees quickly separated the two as they threw punches, but then a coach from the Herobears came charging off the sideline and started swinging on #0, ending up back by the Leopards bench where all hell broke loose.

There were some serious punches thrown and the entire thing dragged out for some time before both teams were finally separated completely and sent to their respective benches. Howard can be seen coming off of the Leopards bench and seemed to be trying to play peacemaker, but like in the NBA, leaving the bench leads to an ejection so he was among the 12 (!!!) players tossed for their roles in the brawl.