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Jonathan Majors, Fresh Off Of Movie Fights With Paul Rudd And Michael B. Jordan, Spills On Who Punches Harder

Michael B. Jordan might have a rigorous exercise routine that includes three hours of hardcore training and a strict diet, but Paul Rudd is friends with the Stay Pufft marshmallow man, so there is one obvious winner here when it comes to who is cooler. But in terms of, you know, real strength and ability, it seems like Jordan and Rudd are both experts in combat!

Both Jordan and Rudd have to battle it out against Jonathan Majors in two very different movies, Creed III and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, respectively. This guy has had a really busy year so far. But when it came to the actual fights, Majors was pretty torn between his two opponents. Jordan’s character Creed is a hard-hitting (literally) legendary boxer, while Rudd plays an ant. Their match-up is pretty even, here.

In an interview with NME, the actor was asked who of the two hits harder, and he obviously said the person on everyone’s minds. “I think Paul Rudd hits in softer spots which hurts more.” the Kang actor quipped, before adding, “Mike hits harder. Mike hits hard.” You do not want to be punched in the face by former quarterback Vince Howard.

Even though Jordan might have the speed, agility, and strength, Rudd has that quick wit that only comes with years of practice and failed franchise reboots and appearing in every corny romantic comedy from 2001-2009. He deserves some time to play a little action hero and throws some punches! He only has a few more years before he turns…40…? It’s actually unclear how old he really is.

(Via NME)