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Fresh Off ‘Cocaine Bear,’ Margo Martindale Will Star In A TV Series About A Canadian Maple Syrup Heist

Character Actress Margot Martindale has been busy wrangling cocaine bears and maybe stalking her neighbors, and next up, the actress will concoct an elaborate heist in order to steal nearly 18 million dollars worth of maple syrup. Otherwise known in Canada as just another Tuesday! Just kidding, this is a real show based on a real thing that happened, much like Cocaine Bear and The Watcher. Just think of Martindale as a very hands-on historian.

The Sticky will follow Martindale as Ruth, a quaint Canadian maple syrup farmer whose farm is threatened by Big Maple, also known as the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. The half-hour Amazon comedy will be produced by Jamie Lee Curtis and also star real-life Canadian Chris Diamantopoulos, who you might know from Silicon Valley, Arrested Development, or The Office… or as the voice behind the modern-day Mickey Mouse. But it’s probably for one of the other things.

As per the official synopsis:

The Sticky is a half-hour series revolving around Ruth Clarke, a tough, supremely competent middle-aged Canadian maple syrup farmer who’s had it with being hemmed in by the polite, bureaucratic conventions native to her country’s identity. Especially now that that very bureaucracy is threatening to take away everything she loves: Her farm, her comatose husband, and her right to manifest destiny. With the help of Remy Bouchard, a pint-sized local blockhead and an aging and Mike Byrne, a low-level mobster, Ruth changes her fate—and transforms the future of her community with the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of maple syrup.

Filming is expected to begin this summer, but if you need your maple syrup fix before then, you can check out the Netflix documentary about the whole ordeal. But be warned that it does not feature Character Actress Margot Martindale, so it might not be worth it.