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Ted Cruz Posted What He Thought Was A Well-Crafted Thank You To Texas, And He Proved That Cancun Jokes Will Never Die

Ted Cruz is incredibly talented at not being able to read the room, and sometimes that room includes much of Texas. And he will never live down his mind-numbing decision to fly to sun-soaked Cancun during the state’s devastating 2021 ice storm. Two years on, and it’s still everything that many people think about (also, poor snowflake) when Ted Cruz comes to mind. He was weaselly about Cancun, and no one will let him forget it.

That’s what happened when Ted took to his official “senator” Twitter account where he does less trash talking (and alleged browsing) than on his more personal account. Ted decided to post a video where he expressed gratitude to Texas, and it didn’t go well for him. “It is the honor of my life to fight for 30 million Texans,” he also tweeted. “I will always fight to incentivize job creation, lower inflation, secure our southern border, and unleash American energy.”

Oh boy. The power grid issue is glaring. As well, Ted did go to his main account, too, where he dissed the president because “It’s ridiculous that Joe Biden hasn’t been to East Palestine.”

Presumably, Ted’s upset that Biden visited Ukraine this week (while Trump did visit East Palestine), but whatever the case, both of these tweets are sparking the Cancun jokes that shall never grow old.