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The Latest Wordle Is A ‘Streak Killer’ That Is Ruining The Day For A Lot Of People

If you haven’t played Wordle since it was acquired by the New York Times, you probably haven’t checked your Animal Crossing island lately, either. You should do that (your villagers are disappointed in you and/or dead) instead of firing up the Wordle app. Today’s puzzle is a “streak killer,” the Times tweeted. “About 25% of players are losing today’s puzzle (usually it’s only 1-2%).”

No spoilers on the five-letter word, but, yeah, I didn’t get it, either. Serves me right for guessing “GOMETS” six attempts in a row.

Today’s game (#613) achieves an average score of 5.4. Yes, an average score of 5.4. That’s the second highest I’ve ever seen, behind only PARER (6.3, game #454) and level with FOYER (game #304). For context, most Wordles are in the range 3.5 to 4.5. That makes sense: many people score 3s, 4s or 5s most games, with a few outliers getting 2s, 6s, or failures. But an average of 5.4 implies that many, many people will have failed.

They sure have:

Your best bet on getting today’s Wordle is to live in Washington D.C. Word Finder discovered that residents of the nation’s capital are “almost twice as likely (+83.8%) to seek Wordle help compared to the nationwide average.” A.k.a. they cheated. D.C. is followed by Vermont, Maine, and Virginia.

The east coast needs to step it up.

(Via Tech Radar)