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Damon Lindelof’s ‘Mrs. Davis’ Releases A Cult-Minded Teaser For The Show Starring Betty Gilpin As A Nun

The TV realm still hasn’t recovered from Netflix’s untimely GLOW cancellation, but fortunately, Betty Gilpin has moved onto another fiery role (for Damon Lindelof of Watchmen, Lost, and The Leftovers) after Miss Liberty Belle. There shall probably be no leotards on the horizon, however, considering that Gilpin portrays a nun who’s bound and determined to vanquish an all-powerful algorithm referred to as “Mrs. Davis” in a show also called Mrs. Davis.

Peacock has released a teaser that teases in the very sense of the word. We don’t get to see Gilpin in action (although we previously saw images to that effect), and this show also stars Margo Martindale, yet we don’t get to see her either. However, this teaser shows the world sharing earbuds (gross) so that the word of Mrs. Davis can spread. Even a stand-up set gets interrupted for the cause. Perhaps a sensitive comedian will take that personally, but you never know precisely what to expect from a Lindelof project.

Previously, Peacock released word from Mrs. Davis, who assured the world that she only means to spread “validation, gentle guidance, and unconditional care.” Further, she’s not here for “any sense of independence on your part because independence is bad. Independence is LONELY.” Mrs. Davis also talked back to Gilpin’s character, Simone, who believes that “my intention to enslave all of humanity…or whatever…”

From the series synopsis:

Mrs. Davis is described as an exploration of faith versus technology — an epic battle of biblical and binary proportions. Gilpin will play a nun who goes to battle against an all-powerful Artificial Intelligence.

Peacock’s Mrs. Davis premieres on April 20, 2023.