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Did You See A Real-Life Ghostface Walking Around Your Town? That Was Probably The ‘Scream 6’ Marketing Team

Have Ghostface spottings been happening in your town lately? Well, don’t worry. It’s probably the marketing team for Scream 6. After several social media posts went viral where the Scream movie killer can be seen just moseying around the neighborhood, an insider on the film has confirmed to Variety that, yes, it’s a promotional stunt. If that seems like the type of thing that could easily backfire, you’re right. Concerned citizens have already called the cops as one does when they see the killer from a horror franchise walking around in real life way past Halloween.

In the weeks leading up to its release on March 10, the franchise’s notorious slasher Ghostface has been spotted in various U.S. cities, including Sonoma (the stand-in for the franchise’s fictional town of Woodsboro), New Orleans and St. Louis. Given the state of the world, and those demonic clown sightings in 2016, it’s hardly surprising that the seemingly random presence of a costumed killer has reportedly prompted 911 calls from disturbed bystanders.

According to Variety, Paramount Pictures has declined to comment. Granted, as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, plopping random Ghostfaces all over the country is sure to freak people out as seen below where one of them made the news:

As for how to tell whether the Ghostface in your neighborhood is real or a marketing stunt, you can’t! Best of luck.

Scream 6 stabs its way into theaters on March 10.

(Via Variety)