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Marjorie Taylor Greene Responded With Lies After Biden Dunked Her With A Rarely Successful Zinger (Over Her Lies)

Marjorie Taylor Greene finally pushed President Biden far enough — after heckling him during both of his State of the Union addresses, once about his dead son — that he publicly reacted and emerged with a solid dunking. As we have acknowledged, Biden’s usually not so adept at these things (and it’s good thing that a president isn’t tweeting insults all day), but he got Greene good.

After Greene’s grievous immigration flub that felt like more than a typo, and her false claim that Biden is to blame for fentanyl deaths that occurred during the Trump administration, Biden pointed out her lies with a sarcastic, “Isn’t she amazing?” He added, “She was saying that a poor mom that lost two kids, that I killed her sons. The interesting thing is that fentanyl they took came during the last administration.”

Did Greene hear about this? Oh yes. And she completely (and falsely) decided that Biden was not laughing at her but at grieving mothers.

“It’s shocking that Joe Biden laughs at mothers of children who have died of fentanyl poisoning,” Greene tweeted. “What’s funny about Americans dying from fentanyl, Joe? The families who have lost loved ones from fentanyl aren’t laughing.”

You can probably guess that this tweet has not gone over well. In response, people are reminding Greene of the time that she appeared to laugh at Covid deaths, and of course, they’re pointing out out that Biden wasn’t laughing at fentanyl deaths but laughing at her.