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Kellyanne And George Conway May Be Getting Divorced, And Of Course Trump Offered His Congratulations

On Friday, Page Six reported that one of the most chaotic couples in America, Kellyanne and George Conway, were getting a divorce. The story, based on multiple insiders, has not been confirmed, but if true, it would mean an end to a 22-year marriage between two Republicans who, at least until Donald Trump came along, saw eye-to-eye. Since then their union has been very publicly messy, and after word that they were calling it quits, no one was happier than one of his fiercest haters, Kellyanne’s former boss.

“Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway on her DIVORCE from her wacko husband, Mr. Kellyanne Conway,” Trump wrote on his rinky-dink Twitter clone, as per Mediaite. “Free at last, she has finally gotten rid of the disgusting albatross around her neck. She is a great person, and will now be free to lead the kind of life that she deserves…and it will be a great life without the extremely unattractive loser by her side!”

According to the report, both Conways have “lawyered up.”

Kellyanne first became known to the public at large in 2016, when she was hired first as Trump’s campaign adviser then later his campaign manager. After his election she stayed with him as his senior counselor. She became notorious for her interactions with the press, including infamously making up the “Bowling Green massacre,” which is not a thing.

Meanwhile, George became an outspoken critic of his wife’s boss, even co-founding The Lincoln Project, comprised of old school Republicans who teamed with Democrats to ensure Trump didn’t serve a second term. They remain active, as Trump is eyeing a third term.

Trump routinely went after George, despite him being married to one of his closest cronies. As for Kellyanne, she’s criticized him, too. Kellyanne and George have long been very public about their disparate views. Things got so intense that in the lead-up to the 2020 election, their daughter Claudia attacked her parents on social media, even vowing to seek emancipation — a move that caused Kellyanne to resign from Trump’s team. And now this.

(Via Page Six and Mediaite)