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Trump Is Reportedly Still Trying Out Some (Not Very Good) Ron DeSantis Nicknames

Donald Trump loves his childish nicknames. There’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to the dozens of schoolyard taunts he’s bestowed upon his many, many enemies. Some are better than others. Some are even full-on bigoted. But so far he’s been unable to find a good one for his top rival for the 2024 Republican presidential ticket: Ron DeSantis. And based on a new report from Bloomberg, he better keep trying.

As per the report, allies have — like most people — not exactly warmed to his most frequent DeSantis moniker: Ron DeSanctimonious. Trump seems set on it anyway, but that allegedly hasn’t stopped him from spit-balling some other ideas. Alas, these aren’t very good either: “Ron DisHonest,” “Ron DeEstablishment,” and the succinct “Tiny D.”

Thing is, he did reportedly stumble on one that’s both funny and genuinely mean. The New York Times reported a few weeks back that he’d been trying out “Meatball Ron” — an apparent poke at DeSantis’ Italian heritage and his weight. (Not that Trump is a spring chicken himself.) Alas, Trump has denied that he came up with that one, so for now, the clunky Ron DeSanctimonious it apparently is.

In other Trump nickname news, last week he debuted one for the Biden administration’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, which was, of course, straight-up homophobic.

(Via Bloomberg)