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Tyga And YG Used Their ‘Go Loko’ Rolling Loud Performance To Tease An Upcoming Collab Album

Last night at Rolling Loud, Tyga performed his set — and brought along a special guest in the form of YG.

While performing their 2019 collaboration, “Go Loko,” YG did a truly iconic dance, revaling that he’s multi-talented when it comes to moves. The duo also teased that they have what seems to be a full collaborative record on the way, as it was teased on stage.

“You know what I’m saying?” Tyga says in the video. “We only came up with one song, but now we about to drop the new album coming soon.”

When “Go Loko” was first released, Tyga revealed that they had been inspired by Mexico’s impact on culture…which hasn’t fully aged well. “Growing up in L.A., it’s a really big culture here,” he told the Recording Academy. “Even YG could tell you, he grew up around all Mexicans, so we really wanted to do something to give back to the culture.”

In addition, Tyga appeared on YG’s album last year, as a feature on “Run.”

“Me and Tyga were in the studio just trying to plot like, ‘What should we do for the video?’ There’s only so much you can do with that type of song. We ain’t wanna do like a flashy rap video, driving around in the cars. I got plenty of them,” YG revealed to Billboard.

Check out the videos of Tyga and YG’s performance (and album teaser) above.